Abundance Consultations for Business

Did you know we offer abundance consultations for business? Energetically charge your office space or warehouse with specifically tailored intentions to attract massive success!  

We can come to you ($240*), you can come to us ($150) or we can create a distance consultation remotely ($150**).  

Each session includes intention setting, crystal grid work, a gratitude ritual and infusion of the space with reiki energy.


  • Discussion with Client regarding the objectives and ideal outcomes of the session, and to create a tailored intention for Client’s products or space.
  • Set up crystal grid, using crystals that have been selected and cleansed specifically based on the information supplied above.
  • Cleanse and energetically align Client’s products or space, perform a gratitude ritual and imbue the products/space with reiki energy.
  • Charge and magnetise Client’s products/space with tailored intentions.
  • Seal the requested intentions into products/space with reiki energy.  

Remove any energetic barriers or drains and enjoy watching your business become a thriving, bustling entity.  

Consultations are available by appointment only - please visit our website to book online. 

* Price includes up to 30 mins travel time in each direction.  Extra travel time will incur additional charges.

** You will need to print out and place a reiki symbol in your space prior to the consultation taking place.