Keepsake Infusion - For You

Do you have a special keepsake that you would love to infuse and activate with beautiful, healing reiki energy?  Would you like to feel beautiful loving energy radiate out from a photo, or strengthen a spiritual connection with someone who has passed via a piece of their jewellery?

We carefully bathe your token in the amplifying vibrations of Himalayan sound bowls, align with intuitively selected crystals, infuse with powerful universal life force energy and seal with a gentle gratitude ritual.

Each piece is imbued with an intention selected by you

Infusions can be done here at Reiki Fifi Wellness ($150), or we can create a distance session ($150/intention*).

 Bookings are available by appointment only - please email us for more information.

You will need to print out and place a reiki symbol on your memento prior to the consultation taking place.