Product Infusion for Business

Did you know we can energetically infuse and activate your products?  Create an abundance of sales by offering your Customers energetically infused products that radiate good intentions.

Every time a Customer uses your product, powerful universal life force energy will be activated and the blessings will flow.   

Each session includes intention setting, crystal grid work, a gratitude ritual and infusion of the product(s) with reiki energy.  


  • Discussion with Client regarding the product(s), and intention selection.
  • Set up crystal grid, using crystals that have been selected and cleansed specifically based on Client discussion.
  • Cleanse and energetically align the product(s), perform a gratitude ritual and imbue the products with reiki energy.
  • Charge and magnetise product(s) with the selected intention.
  • Seal the intention into the product(s) with reiki energy.
  • Information card to send to Customer detailing the energies that have been infused into the product.

Give your wellness products the wings they need to start flying out the door!  

Consultations are super easy to organise - we can come to you ($240*) or we could generate a distance infusion ($150/hour**).  

Available by appointment only - please email us for more information. 

*Price includes up to 30mins travel time in each direction.  Extra travel time will incur additional charges.

**You will need to print out a place a reiki symbol on your products prior to the consultation taking place.