What is Reiki Energy Healing?

Reiki Energy Healing

The gentle, non-invasive healing technique that uses universal life energy to undo energy barriers and help you attune with your own healing energy and life force. 

What is Reiki Energy Healing? 

Reiki healing was first recognised in the 20th century by Mikao Usui, a doctor in Japan. It’s based on the idea that every person, animal, and object in the world contains universal life energy. 

Unfortunately, too many people have become disconnected from this life energy. During a reiki session, a practitioner can channel this energy through their body and into yours. Reiki practitioners have been taught how to see past all the clutter and blocks of modern life and attune with this energy. And during a reiki session, they will pass the benefits of this healing energy on to you. 

The Benefits of Reiki Healing 

Reiki is a safe, gentle, healing therapy that has a broad range of benefits. And the scientific world is starting to back this up with studies that show Reiki’s benefits in the management of chronic health conditions.  Here are just some of the benefits you’ll enjoy from your reiki healing session: 

Deeper Relaxation and Stress Relief

Stress is one of the biggest killers in the world at the moment and learning to manage that stress is one of the most important wellness challenges a person can face. 

Studies have shown that reiki can help reduce stress and promote relaxation. And that makes sense because reiki provides a space where you can relax and just be, focus on yourself, and become aware of your body and its needs. And for many people, that results in deep relaxation and lasting feelings of peace and clarity. 

Immune System Support 

Your immune system is responsible for fighting off pathogens, infections, and viruses. Unfortunately, many people have an impaired immune response because of stress and toxic build-up. 

When you’re stressed, anxious, or worried, it puts your body into a state of fight or flight, where your entire system is overactive and prepared to face a threat. This dampens your body’s immune response and results in the build-up of toxins that can further harm your health.

Reiki healing sessions remind your body how to shift into a resting state, so it can relax and start healing itself. This will encourage your body to start detoxing itself and boost your immune response. 

Accelerating Self-Healing 

Faster, more effective healing will help protect your body against damage and illness. Too often, the body’s ability to self-heal is impaired by stress and by your body’s disconnection from its own energy. 

Reiki will encourage deeper relaxation, shifting your body from a fight or flight state and into a rest phase dominated by the parasympathetic nervous system. This is a more natural state of being and will allow your body to start healing. 

Reiki will also help you to attune to your body’s natural energy, which will accelerate and improve your ability to heal yourself. 

Pain Relief 

Reiki can help manage and reduce the pain of chronic conditions and other health concerns. As your energy blockages are swept away and the natural flow of energy resumes in your body, balance and optimum functioning are restored. This can help to reduce or better manage pain, which is why reiki is often used in hospitals as a compliment to modern pain therapies. 

Better Sleep 

If you struggle with insomnia or poor sleeping patterns, the relaxation you feel during and after a reiki healing session can help you improve the quality and duration of your sleep. 

Life and Body Balance 

So many people are out of balance these days; working too much without resting, eating poorly without moving, or caught in other negative patterns. Reiki can help to promote harmony and balance in your life. It will teach you to tap into and align with your deepest energy and the natural balance that exists there. And this will help you live a life that’s more in line with what’s natural for your body. 

Mental and Emotional Clarity

When you’re stressed or unwell, it will often cause mental and emotional upsets or imbalances. If you experience mood swings, frustration, anxiety, or anger, reiki can help promote a more natural balance in your mind and emotions. It will help you feel grounded and focused in the present moment, with greater clarity and control. For many people, this brings about a more peaceful state of being and resilience against stress. 

Stronger Relationships 

Regular reiki sessions can help re-balance your emotions, which will help strengthen and repair your relationships with the people around you. 

Emotional Cleansing

Everyone has emotional wounds that impair their growth and development. Reiki addresses the person as a whole rather than just the obvious problem. And it recognises that many physical problems are the result of hidden or buried emotional upsets or traumas. By shifting the energy flow in your body, your practitioner can help you cleanse emotional traumas and start the healing process. And this will naturally improve your physical condition as well. 

Spiritual Healing and Growth 

You don’t have to be spiritual to get benefits from reiki healing. These practices can still support you through the process of spiritual or personal development and growth. Reiki healing can help to remove blockages and barriers that are impeding your growth and give you the energy you need to progress to the next level in your life. 

Compliments Traditional Treatments 

The relaxing and healing effects of reiki treatments can compliment traditional medical treatments, helping them work more effectively and even lessening the side effects of these therapies. It can also help to reduce the stress of coping with chronic conditions. 

Achieving Attunement in Reiki Sessions

Reiki sessions are about becoming attuned with your own life energy. This is an innate skill that many people lose throughout their lives as they get busy and start to disconnect from their natural balance and sense of wellness. 

Reiki Masters like Fiona are taught how to become re-attuned with this energy and to help others do the same. That’s why every reiki session is like a spiritual detox, where the stale energy is swept away, making room for new vitality and wellness. 

Attunements can also be performed at a distance. Every person and object in the world is connected at a quantum molecular level. So, your practitioner can perform an attunement on anyone or anything from a distance. 


Preparing for Reiki Attunement 

A reiki healing session removes blocks and cleanses your body and your energy. It’s basically a spiritual detox, so you need to prepare for the effects of that. 

During or after your session, you may experience emotional outbursts, such as laughing or crying, or feel very tired or get sick. This is completely normal. It means that your body is ridding itself of the toxins and emotional and spiritual blocks that have built up. And once the detox is complete, you will feel lighter and healthier than you’ve felt in years.

To support this detox process after your session, make sure that you: 

· Avoid stimulants like cigarettes, tea, or coffee. 

· Stay away from fast food, fried food, and food with high sugar content. 

· Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables and little or no meat. 

· Drink lots of water and herbal teas to help your body flush the toxins. 

· Spend time resting and meditating. 


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At Reiki Fifi Wellness, we aim to help others stay healthy and heal themselves through their own natural abilities. However, we don’t make any claims that we can cure disease or illness with energy healing. Please take this disclaimer into consideration when making your appointment.