What is Sound Healing?

Sound healing has an incredible power to rebalance, soothe, and cleanse. It utilises the amazing power of sound in one of the most effective and restorative practices available. 


What is Sound Bath Healing? 

Sound bath healing immerses you in relaxing, soothing sounds, with no water or bath needed. You’re literally ‘bathed’ in sounds, a practice that draws on the many benefits of music and sound to change your mood, encourage relaxation, and provide relief from pain and discomfort. 

Sound baths intensify those effects with the use of singing bowls. These sound bath bowls were first used in ancient Tibetan Buddhism. They’re created from quartz crystal or hammered metal, and struck with a mallet to create specific vibrations and sounds. The bowls create harmonic sounds that envelop and surround your body. They may also provide deeper effects by influencing your body on a quantum level. 

The body is made up of small pieces of vibrating matter held together by magnetic forces. Alternative health practitioners believe that the frequency of these vibrations is vitally important to your health and use sound to help you achieve the optimal vibrational frequencies. 

This is the basis for sound healing. The beautiful sounds vibrate at frequencies that are not only relaxing but help to cleanse your soul and restore your body’s natural balance. They’re also incredibly relaxing and soothing, perfect if you’re stressed, tense, or unwell in some way. 


The Benefits of Sound Healing

Sound healing promotes rest, relaxation, and chakra balance. The vibrations produced by the bowls are designed to stimulate alpha and theta brain waves which promote meditation and healing. Some of the effects you may experience from having regular sound healing sessions include: 

Stress and Anxiety Relief 

When you’re floating in the embrace of harmonic, lovely sounds, you’ll experience a sense of deep peace and relaxation. This is one of the biggest benefits of sound bath healing. The combination of the music and the safe, restful atmosphere encourages a meditative state which reduces anxiety and stress and promotes healing. And the science agrees. 

Easier Meditation 

Meditation is incredibly beneficial for your mind and your spirit. It can lower stress and anxiety and increase mindfulness and mental clarity. And yet it isn’t easy to do without some help. The sounds produced by the singing bowls in a sound healing session draw and hold your attention, helping you slip into a meditative state much more easily than normal. 

Sound meditation can also have physiological benefits such as: 

  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Decreased heart rate 
  • Reduced cortisol levels

Inner Peace

The world is busy and frantic, and it can be hard to find a sense of inner balance and peace. Sound healing creates a warm, safe, and relaxed space where you can rest and restore. It encourages you to reset and reconnect with yourself. Time spent bathed in healing sounds is a time to be, without distractions or demands, and this can create a sense of inner peace that will help you get through even the hardest time. 

What to Expect during a Sound Healing Session

You will start your sound healing session with a breathing exercise that will help quieten your mind and move you into a meditative state. The room will be dimly lit, and you need to lay in a comfortable position. 

A sound healing session is a highly individual experience and every session will be different. This is your time to focus on yourself and on what you want from the experience. Let your stress and anxiety go and let yourself relax. You may find yourself laughing or crying, or even drifting off to sleep. Whatever happens is completely fine. Just let yourself relax and embrace the experience. 

When the session is over, your therapist will help bring you back with breathing exercises. Just be prepared to be reluctant to emerge from your oasis of warmth and peace. 


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At Reiki Fifi Wellness, we aim to help others stay healthy and heal themselves through their own natural abilities. However, we don’t make any claims that we can cure disease or illness with energy healing. Please take this disclaimer into consideration when making your appointment.