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Reiki Fifi Wellness

Quartz Statement Piece

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This piece is an absolutely stunning essential for your beautiful space!

A powerful combination of smoky and grey quartz, this unique centrepiece has been energetically cleansed and activated, and will fill your space with blessings and positive vibes.

Size: 36cms long x 19.5cms wide x 9cms high

Weight: 5.459kg

Description: Smoky Quartz

☽ One of the most powerful grounding stones due to its deep connection to Mother Earth.

☽ Encourages one to focus on solutions to problems, rather than dwell on their current emotional state.

☽ Clears away negative thoughts and feelings, making it an effective stone for anyone suffering with depression or anxiety.

☽ Relieves chronic pain, migraines, and tension of the shoulders and back.

Description: Grey Quartz

☽ A purifying crystal that helps one to recover from exhaustion and move forward again.

☽ Helps to improve romantic relationships by protecting against negative or malicious energies.

☽ Converts one's thinking from negative to positive, and helps to create luck.

☽ Improves judgement and insight, and aids with decision making. 

Affirmation: "My spirit is deeply grounded and centred in the present moment."