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Reiki Fifi Wellness

White Calcite Statement Piece

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This feminine piece is an absolute joy to admire and has a delicate secret - it glows pink when held under fluorescent light!

This beauty has been energetically cleansed and activated, here at Reiki Fifi Wellness.

Size: 16cms long x 15cms wide x 8cms high

Weight: 1.764kgs


☽ Amplifies and cleanses energy from the environment.

☽ Restores motivation and accelerates growth and development.

☽ Raises consciousness, links to higher spiritual states and awakens psychic abilities.

☽ Absorbs energy and returns it to the sender, having transmuted and amplified it.

☽ Cleanses the auric field and chakras, and is the stone of new beginnings.

Chakra: Crown

Element: Spirit

Zodiac: Cancer

Affirmation: "I am Clear. I am Open. I am Ready to connect deeply with my Higher Self."