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Reiki Fifi Wellness

White Plume Agate Feathers

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These beautiful crystal feathers have been energetically cleansed and activated, right here at Reiki Fifi Wellness.

Healing Properties: White Plume Agate

☽ A wonderful stone to work with during pregnancy as it soothes labor pains, eases morning sickness, and helps combat fatigue.

☽ Associated with inner peace and allows one to get in touch with their emotions.

☽ Deeply stimulates the crown chakra, enhances intuition, and strengthens one's spiritual connection to the Universe.

☽ Heals emotional trauma, and promotes qualities of forgiveness and acceptance.

Chakra: Crown

Element: Earth

Zodiacs: Gemini, Virgo

Affirmation: "I gently release pain and allow energies of love and peace to flow within me."